Friday, 7 December 2012

Earn by Writing Articles

(1) Free Lance: You can start online writing career as a freelancer. Become a writer for several magazines, or create your own as a freelancer. There are many sites such as GetAFreelancer, GetACoder, Elance, RentACoder, etc., where you can register and find a freelancer to do some mission fast money online writing articles. But it may not be easy to get a job, you are required to tender for the implementation of these projects. Paid work is also on the side of a very low cost is usually 1 cent for every 3 words, he could not accept.

(2) Paid Writing: This is very similar to the exterior, unless it is a long-term tenants writier. These types of authors with very high name recognition and professional sites like NYTimes, etc. can be found to pay Cnet puts authors of articles, news and other content. Again, now is not responding this type of work, because it is the experience, qualifications or anything else to write this type of item online jobs are missing.

(3) Auto-blogging: The third choice to go to make money writing articles online is to start your own blog. It might be a good option for you if you have knowledge in a particular position or just want to start a blog just for fun. Loyal readers, you can use that will help you make money on ads to appear on your blog. But then again he could not with your profile, if you do not know how to promote your blog, or do not have the money for blog, which is a declaration of a domain name and hosting space does not require the building freely.

(4) Revenue Sharing sites blogs: Of all the options that you can make money writing online, blogging sites is the distribution of income is the best choice. First, it allows you to create your own blogs, and secondly, it will help you make some money himself. No effort on your part you can do it all, Easy Start, loyal readers and money


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