Sunday, 17 February 2013

earn money through Twitter by selling Products

The company's 1.5 million followers tweets at midnight. "We say it every day Woot are many people who, if they thought about it." Dave Rutledge, who in 2004 with his brother Matt Woot helped to start, and the creative efforts of their servants Twitter can help motive "Woot a few times for a specific product inventory 90 percent, which is often called the show, hour sale, Rutledge potential buyers are sitting on the fence, sending a follow up, it is time can tell. "It shows that these people Product has been approved by the municipality, "he says.

Result: Twitter Woot Every day thousands of people to click on links, and the company estimates sales Rutledge of Woot rapid fire or number in the millions. Exchange Rate - This is the proportion of consumers go to buy something - are much better than the average site. As Twitter stream Rutledge led in January 2007, annual sales have more than doubled.

How to get retweeted, Part II: Keep messages short. Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters, but if you want people to tell their friends, it is a space of your own that helps to add a brief comment. A recent example: "RT @ woot: $ 19.99: Samsung Bluetooth Headset With $ 20 mail-in rebate <pretty good, you pay only $ 5 shipping!" For Rutledge, magic number, many retweets 110 characters or less to make sure.


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