Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cost Per Action (C.P.A)

Cost per action marketing advertising, where a merchant pays only when a person's actions, see an ad. The specific measures to be taken, for example, the purchase of goods or services, choices of owner. Cost Per Action (CPA) Pay Per Action (PPA) is also known as, and sometimes even entire cost for acquisition, use, pay per action advertising expenses to purchase is not. Shopping generally refers to the purchase or fill out the form.

Types of action advertising expenses

There are many types of advertising value that the action steps are different from each other:

In addition to buying power, a process that can also be a form or download any padding.
Sometimes the action is only newsletter subscription.
The cost per lead and cost-per-part form, is a way for advertisers to potential customers. For more information about this usually means that some users. Led email or a multipage form only information that users may need to complete additional demographic information.

Measure the effectiveness of each campaign costs

Part of helping online calculator to calculate the cost. By default, however, only scores divided by the number and cost. The number of copies to achieve CTR (click through rate) and calculated CR rate (exchange rate) is multiplied by.


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