Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Stock trading with BPI trade

Due to our rapidly developing technological advances, Internet access and such can be easily transferred online. The increasing availability of online trading accounts in accordance with the different options traders are often the face, as I want to try. And stock markets, the state budget will be monitored at any time, simply by clicking. In their accounts from anywhere

In our country, online stock trading, online stock trading platform is easy with the help of a provider. One of the popular online stock trading platform provider in the Philippine Islands (BPI), BPI Securities Corporation Bank BPITrade is offered by subsidiaries.

Need to visit BPITrade online stock trading account existing BPI or BPI Family account holder. Open an account BPITrade, there is no minimum amount and can be requested online. Only www.bpitrade.com your website, fill out the online application form and then print the form when finished. BPI or BPI Family Bank branch closest proximity and visit submit the required documents:

Print application
Two (2) valid ID (drivers license, passport, SSS or GSIS ID, or other acceptable photo IDs of your company with the proper ID, credit cards)
Photocopies of ID
After some testing in memory You will receive a confirmation email. BPITrade enabled authentication, such as banks and their proprietary trading and finance companies BPITrade traffic can be sent to the Fund shall be used by a brief guide:

BPI branches over the counter
BPI Express Online (only if you are enrolled in online banking BPITrade BPI bank account transfers online, where you at any time)
Telephone or ATM Express (called BPITrade bank account and ATM BPI Express, the benefits of these features to use for registered transfer)
Or transfer (BOPIPHMM outside the Philippines, credited BPITrade deposit in your account, your account transfers with SWIFT code)
Over time, your account will BPITrade, online stock trading, finance, you can start immediately. But if the bank account is paying BPITrade not possible to purchase shares. It is a necessity if your account does not hold charge service BPITrade P500.00 P200.00 per month with monthly average daily balance (ADB).

BPITrade investment in safe and good hands, BPI settlement account when it is safely away in one day arrive guaranteed. Online stock trading faster, easier and more convenient with BPITrade.


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