Friday, 11 January 2013

Google certified Ad network will increase Google Adsense revenue

 it is a fact that most of the areas monetized by the owners to generate outside income. Most popular of the network, most of the sites are "a source of income is not more than Google Adsense. Owners to enhance websites with Google Adsense, because of his expertise to get the best performance. Google Adsense does not give us the best opportunity to buy sales desired attitude. fact, the team announced only access to our network of Google-certified ad on our sites. feature that was originally designed for publishers in North America and Europe. But now see all publishers have access to this feature.

Google Ad Network has certified our pages have ads on Google Adsense third is where our potential to increase their profits, said that if officers ads that appear on our pages. These ad networks to compete with ad units. Syndicator more is more competitive, so that the greatest benefit can be created for each ad unit is Adwords or other ad networks.

These third-party ad physically examined carefully by his team at Google, and comply with the instructions of Google. For this reason, publishers, protects users' privacy guaranteed complete.


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