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Being realistic about google adsense

Be realistic about the Google AdSense revenue

All kinds of money with Adsense requires two things: a few pages a lot of traffic and multiple pages with low to moderate traffic. Do the math. The average CTR (Click Through Rate the number of persons expressed as a percentage of the value and display advertising) is between the publisher and the author website, but a 2% CTR is considered "good" in the field of web publishing. So if the "Ads by Google" is displayed on your site 1000 times a day (also known as the number of hits you get) if you have a CTR of 2%, we can expect an average of 20 clicks per day.

How you can win every one of these designs is very variable. Your winnings depend on websites submitted, the internal algorithms of Google, and the amount of money advertisers are willing to "offer" to get Google AdWords ads showing you. It is generally how much you earn per click. Fishing in Big Sky, gained anywhere from 0.04 cents per click on the lower end of $ 3.00 on top. The average revenue per click tends to run between 20 cents and 0.30 cents, swaying slightly, "During (the highest in summer, less in winter).

So, for simplicity, suppose you earn 25 cents per click. And you get 20 clicks a day. This translates into a daily income of 5,00 €. From there, you can let your imagination run wild - to come up with all sorts of different estimates of the potential gain by changing the CTR, the amount paid for each click on the number of times an ad is displayed, and so on . .

Content pages

More than anything else, the page content to drive profits. The pages are in various topics, and are in great demand, advertisers (and therefore much "space") will earn more than general information or pages that are "multi-object".

The story is as follows. Best of revenue with AdSense, it is desirable to have some pages that are smaller laser is focused on a specific topic.

Place an ad

Ad placement is very important for Google AdSense. If people do not click on the ads, no matter how many times they appear, you can even earn anything. If you put your ads really depends on the shape of space and movement. But a good starting point to find lists of the best places to go on the map of Google Adsense Help heat.

I'll be the first to admit that Big Sky Fishing.Com is not a "standard room" for placement. The site most of the ads will appear under the "pen" is ... to say that a visitor sees when they see page. general, and my statistics prove it, the ads will appear "at the bottom" is a click below those listed in "above the fold" (how do you make a "per-click" remain the same, but how many times users click on the ad is smaller).

So why not have your ads are there; Simp ... I have a better place for them. The layout of my site is a kind of game, and to make room for ads Google "above the fold" is not good (and visitors often do not like), you must repeat the menu system to the left or the re- size setting (especially the title above) position. Finally, because of my content pages has a tendency to run to the CTR of 1.5% to 2%, we decided to leave things as they are. I guess I'm not a fan forcing people ads. And if it means less revenue acccepting short, then so be it.


The term refers to ads merger announcement "tie" and the page content. The basic idea is to "tie up" the content of advertising, and I hope that people do not just ignore cause of blindness in the ad.

This is the logic behind it, and to some extent, I can use this logic to catch Big Sky. However, a number of years, a large number of AdSense publishers are driven to the limit, which places ads confuse visitors about "What is the message" and "what was the connection." Specifically, what was popular was placed on the graph above the horizontal banner that will bring visitors to your site by making them believe that he was clicking the menu or advertising.

It was a bad thing for the visitors of the website (this was a huge drawback), and furthermore it was also bad for Advertisers (users who click on the ads of "accident" and not "intentional"). Therefore, Google has changed its policy, which requires that all ads are not "well mixed", the content of the page, which can be separated from normal links on a website.

Also, mocking website visitors is one trick pony-. Want to visit a website if you ever thought of clicking a link in the menu interesting ... just take it to another location? Remember, web publishing is not just "money" now. Is to have a website that makes money today and tomorrow.


We gather the length of this article. You, the editor, you can earn money by simply writing your content using Google AdSense. Just sign up for programs (you need a website to do this), upload content, banner blow AdSense on your site, and the pressure ... you.

How much money you make depends entirely on the amount of traffic you have on your site. Less traffic = little or no income at all. Other factors that affect the outcome include 'niche' own websites on the actual content of the site this time of year, such as the placement of advertisements, and more.

There are many real successes of AdSense to earn $ 10,000 or more per month. However, between these AdSense publishers are small. If you are a beginner, do not wait to pull down from $ $ 1000, a few months later. While this can happen, the rates are long. Instead, revenue from AdSense tend to grow slowly - how to expand your site and more.

The long-term success of Google Adsense requires writing quality content, over time, to attract people to your site. Google Adsense, except for the lucky few, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, Adsense offers a stylish way to "far from stable" ... all additional monthly income by doing something you love to do (editorial content on the Internet).


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