Friday, 11 January 2013

MG Cash

Do you have great content? several million page likes? Do you have an effective way to get the traffic? If it is yes to any of these, the answer is, you will be able to convert more revenue! You, you can make money yet millions of visitors, and do not need.

MGCash is a combination of PPI and CPA programs converting very well. SW If the download, then ... is good, it is using the file locker, if the content is unique simply best for you from the web locker. There is also, if you at the gates of SMS that can be, customers are likely to need to give it access to pay by SMS, you can also do for you. In addition, submit a gate monetization and content-protected files (or other link) Download link, and password.

You reach $ 100, you will be sent after the payment was able to pay (U.S. only) (International only), Direct Deposit PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer by check.


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